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To be clear, trick-or-treating in an important client meeting is truly terrible judgment …

especially from someone five months into their first post-college job.

I don’t know that it should have occurred to you that you’d need to mention costumes ahead of time, but given that someone got fired over it, that’s a clear sign that your culture is unusually uptight about some things that wouldn’t be a big deal at other places — and so you’ve got to make sure you’re being very clear with people about expectations. My coworker put a bug in the plant near me I have a weird issue.

My coworker recently brought a ladybug down from his office two floors up to live in our potted plants (we have two plants near my desk in an open office plan, there are none upstairs).

She said she has never been so embarrassed in her life and has been getting heat from her boss and the C-suite over it. She keeps asking me what my employee was thinking but I don’t know what to tell her and she has brought it up multiple times.

This is a really weird thing to fire someone over, unless there had been other signs that she wasn’t getting your culture or professional norms, or unless she was more disruptive than I realize when she entered that meeting.

Going forward, I’ll make sure my team is clear that we don’t dress up for Halloween.” That’s all you can say, really. It would also be worth making sure that you’re clearly communicating any cultural expectations to new hires, especially more junior ones.There were no red flags from her at any time and this came out of left field.The director keeps asking me what she was thinking but I have no clue.I had hired her five months ago just after she had completed her studies at university.I’m sure she was still figuring out how things work in office and finance environments.

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