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I am fortunate that the students in my school provide the opportunity for me to revisit my commitment to inclusion over and over again.

Each time I work with students, teachers and families to ensure that every child is fully included in a class, program or experience, I have the unique opportunity to stretch my own boundaries as I reflect on the evolving nature of true inclusion.

That’s what Me-An Vera-Fudge recalls thinking when she first considered the idea of interviewing Fauzia, a deaf woman, for a room attendant position at Hilton Toronto.

It can help build a culture of trust that is so needed in today’s classes.That’s not to say that extroverted teachers won’t build those same relationships or cultures within their classrooms, but it may be a little slower.In Jim Knight’s book listening is one of his top 10 habits to achieve better dialogue with others.No matter who we are, introvert or extrovert, practicing a little more listening can go a very long way.Another topic that Semczuk touches on in her article is that introverts need to recharge, especially after being in extremely extroverted situations. Although I may be good at listening, listening to too many voices for too long can leave me exhausted mentally and physically. How many of our students and teachers are completely spent by the end of a school day because they have had to interact with people all day long without a chance for recharging?

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