Adult role play chats

This gives the other player flexibility and chances to either accept or deflect what you are trying to do to them.Combat and forced fantasy scenes are especially handled this way.As spontaneous and unpredictable role-play situations can be, all players are entitled to personal limits.Since is a prevelant theme, consent may already be established.

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If there are multiple players involved, take your turn in order.

If you are uncomfortable with certain actions being imposed on your character, IM the other player and inform them immediately.

If you are in the middle of a scene and find yourself unable to continue playing, you should IM the other player and indicate you want to “void” (never happened) the scene or “fade to black” (agree to skip details and jump to conclusion).

We do not require any sort of minimum post length, rather, we look for friendliness.

We do not judge your vocabulary, rather, we seek depth of character. Click here for a preview of what the forum looks like after approval.

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