Adventures in dating mandy

Grim recovers Horror's Hand, and at the same time his sentence is revoked, becoming the Reaper once again.

The future Billy arrives, telling them Horror's Hand should not fall in the wrong hands, specifically Mandy's as he indirectly reveals that she was the one who used Horror's Hand to rule the world.

With no wedding and no revenge, Velma decides to go ahead and conquer Earth, just like her parents wanted. (Monkeys And Nice Doggies Ride On Bodies Of Turtles), fights the Delightful Reaper, and so does the Skeleton Samurai, but they cannot defeat it.

While Billy's dad is underwear shopping, Billy wears his dad's lucky pants, and accidentally rips them with Grim's scythe. Grim finds out that the pants belong to Billy's dad (which we now find out are immune to lasers, supernatural energies and mustard).

Meanwhile, Billy meets with Jeff the Spider, who informs him that he is precisely marrying Velma.

The group of Billy, Mandy, Irwin, and the powerless Grim, escapes from Boogey's ship when Billy distracts Boogey and his crew with the song "Scary-o", and set themselves to reach Horror's Hand before Boogey does.Velma realizes she was wrong, with respect to Grim, and she apologizes for the whole vengeful ordeal.After the wedding ceremony, Billy suddenly realizes Velma is a spider, and forbids Jeff from getting married to her, despite the fact that Jeff is a spider too.Following his failure to be an effective Reaper, Grim is taken to the Underworld Court, presided by Judge Roy Spleen, where he is sued for misuse of his powers by his nemesis, the Boogeyman.Grim is found guilty, is stripped of his rank and magical scythe, and he, Billy, Mandy, and Irwin are sentenced to be exiled.

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