Advice on dating a doctor

No matter what I do, I’m behind at home, and I’m behind at work.” I can count on one hand how many “fights” my husband and I have ever had, and the biggest one we have had may or may not have involved a painfully inconsistent icicle dripping outside our window at 1 a.m., a broken fan, and an inability to sleep by yours truly, who subsequently likes to make other people miserable [enter Christopher], which resulted in my husband declaring that he was going to the store to buy a fan, sleeping in the guest room that night, and that I was crazy.

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If you are still looking for a perfect man to date, you should definitely consider a doctor as a good option.

(Because if he doesn’t even have access to a phone yet, he’s probably scrubbed into the OR. Anyways, if he’s scrubbed in still it could be who knows how long, plus then he has to finish notes, sometimes round on patients again, and so on.

At he still had not called back, so I knew that this probably meant I wouldn’t be seeing him for dinner at the very least.

All the seemingly tiny things we medical spouses do every single day, both to aid our spouses in the quality of their hours at home and in how we attempt to diminish the long hours for our children’s sake — these are not nothing.

They are the building blocks for our lives, for our spouse’s career/home balance, for the way our children view their fathers and/or mothers and the positive or negative feelings that they associate with their job.

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