Ancient egyptian dating system

The agricultural sector of such an economy is easiest to tax.

A farmer cannot deny possession of a field without losing his rights.

This period ended when prince Mentuhotep II of Thebes (c.

2061-2010 BCE) united the country under his rule and initiated the era of the Middle Kingdom of Egypt (2040-1782 BCE).

All of these building projects and attendant rituals were very expensive and eventually contributed to what is known as the Old Kingdom collapse during the reign of Pepi II (2278-2184 BCE).

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Whatever resources Egypt lacked could be purchased through the sale of grain, and since Egypt had fertile fields which usually produced abundant crops, grain was most important to the operation of the government.The field can be measured, the yield assessed, and the produce is difficult to hide because of its large bulk.It is no wonder that peasants were the highest and most consistently taxed part of the population.The now kept the larger part of the taxes collected for themselves, although a portion continued to be sent to the capital as before.This is the reason one does not find great monuments like the pyramids of Giza constructed during the First Intermediate Period but one does find elaborate personal tombs of and other nobility.

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