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Donald Trump’s multi-billion dollar arms deal with Saudi Arabia could be held up by US politicians seeking to scrutinise its contents.

Members of both the US president’s Republican Party and rival Democrats in both Congress and the Senate are hoping to block the sale of the weapons and equipment.

Ushayqir appears deserted in the videos, but Khulood's video soon spread online and quickly drew criticism — with many Saudis using a hashtag that said the woman should face trial for the videos.

Although foreigners are usually exempted from such rules and Saudi women often find ways to skirt them, many religiously conservative Saudis feel strongly about them.The brief clips, originally posted to the social network Snapchat over the weekend by a popular user named Khulood, show the woman walking through an ancient fort in Ushayqir, a village in Najd province about 95 miles from the capital, Riyadh.The woman wears a skirt that stops above her knees and a top that shows her midriff; her head is also uncovered.“Saudi Arabia’s continuing obsession with policing women’s clothing choices shows authorities haven’t moved on from the paternalistic and discriminatory mind-set that hampers women’s lives,” said Sarah Leah Whitson, executive director of Human Rights Watch's Middle East and North Africa Division.“Saudi Arabia’s purported plans to reshape society and advance women’s rights will never succeed as long as authorities go after women for what they wear.” Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has launched an ambitious plan to reform Saudi Arabia's society — dubbed Vision 2030.

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