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Linz became the first city in Austria to deal intensively with its own Nazi past.

In May 2001, seven scientific publications, online presentations, and numerous lectures were made public as a result of these efforts.

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In the recent past a number of Nazi victims and activists who fought Nazism were honored by the city.

The family lived first in the village of Leonding on the outskirts of town, and then on the Humboldtstrasse in Linz.

After elementary education in Leonding, Hitler was enrolled in the Realschule (school) in Linz, as was the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein.

Cities receive this title for enriching the urban lifestyle through the sponsorship and successful integration of media art and involving society in these electronic art forms.

Linz is in the centre of Europe, lying on the Paris–Budapest west–east axis and the Malmö–Trieste north–south axis.

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