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After 1857, since the Mughal emperor had been deposed even formally, it no longer made any sense to issue coins in his name, so the designs were changed and coins were issued in the name of "the Commander of the Sovereign Band," a title of the Gaekwad.

The legends on these coins were still in Persian and the coins themselves were still hand- struck.

gaekwad / Nagari denomination in two lines: ek / rupaya, sword, and VS date 1955 (= 1897 CE) below, wreath around Reference: KM Y36a Weight: 16.33 gm.

Diameter: 30 mm Die axis: 2 o'clock Horse hoof, scimitar below, Nagari legend sarkar above, circular legend in Nagari around within two dotted borders: sri sayaji rao . gayakwad // sena khas khel shamsher bahadur / Nagari legend naming the denomination: don paise, Nagari samvat (year) above, date 1944 (= c.

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