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However, the recently rediscovered gospels of Philip and of Mary Magdalene (found in Egypt) reveal that Mary herself was much more likely to have been Jesus' choice for the leader of his fledgling movement, rather than Peter.A theory has emerged which suggests that there was a power struggle for leadership between Mary, supported by Jesus' brothers, and Peter, who could not accept that Jesus could appear to a mere woman instead of his trusted disciples.

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Following several missionary journeys, Peter apparently goes to Rome and overthrows Simon Magus (Simon the Sorcerer or Simon of Gitta).

In winter the sheep would have been kept indoors overnight so the temperature is clearly too warm for this, and the weather is still convenient for travel.

The name of the newborn child is probably more correctly pronounced as Joshua or Yeshua in the original Hebrew, before being passed through Greek, Latin and English.

They initially receive St Paul as an angel from heaven but perhaps fail fully to understand the Christian message.

Acts (xiii-xiv) indicates that they have to be restrained at Lystra from sacrificing to St Paul, and shortly afterwards they stone 'the Angel of God', and leave him for dead.

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