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12th August 2016 Inna and Josep (Spain), 11th July 2016 Marina and Steven (Canada) GOT MARRIED!!! 22nd November 2015 Anna and Brandon (Canada) GOT MARRIED!

23rd June 2016 Viktoria and Shiraz (Canada) 12th June 2016 Karyna and Gavin (New Zealand) GOT MARRIED! 2nd October 2015 Ekaterina and Graham (United Kingdom) GOT MARRIED!

Here's a letter we received from our former client who has married a man from Mexico and moved there 2 years ago.

The letter is in Russian language and we are going to translate it shortly.

It's so great to realize that we took a part in your destiny!!!

Click here to see the wedding pictures of this beautiful couple Michael Mordinson Iana and Tim (USA) got married on the 11th March 2011 Tim wrote this letter below after his wedding with Iana on the 11th March 2011 I started looking overseas for a relationship after being alone for about 2 years.

Mordinson family 04 November 2011 The wedding of Elena and Bret in Kharkov, Ukraine It was an honor for me to attend the wedding of Bret and Elena which took place in Kharkov this winter and recently I have received the pictures from that wedding which Bret allowed me to share with you.

continue reading Tim's testimonial A testimonial by Jim, the USA I just wanted to take the time to let anyone looking for a wife abroad that the Mordinson agency is the place to go.

You will have your meetings in nice cafes around the city usually close to where the ladies live or work due to the convenience for them to make time to meet you.

The meetings will be for about 1 hour and gives you time to chat and ask some questions.

12th November 2016 Natasha and Vincent (Singapore) 3rd November 2016 Inna and Josep (Spain) GOT MARRIED! 7th February 2016 Testimonial from a former client.

Blog by a former Client (the UK), 20th September 2016 Julia and John (USA), 5th September 2016 Margarita and Shiv (UK) GOT MARRIED!!! 12th December 2015 a letter from Natalie (former client) 26th November 2015 Ross reports about his stay in Kharkov.

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