Cat rescue dating

Phyllis always came up with great ideas for fundraising and for new programs to reduce the pet overpopulation problem.Her passion was definitely cats, but it certainly didn’t end there.

It said simply “never, never, never give up.” Of course, I knew it was a Winston Churchhill quote used in an entirely different context, but as I stared at the words on that card I was profoundly moved.The quote on that card affected me so deeply that I decided to use it as my email signature.I will always think of Phyllis when I think of my own commitment to animals and their welfare.Take a look at Patchouli before and after the care she received to recover from malnutrition and mange (not to mention having a litter of puppies).To provide continued funding for our rescue work, Indigo Rescue created a beautiful homestyle dog boarding ranch in the country in Vernonia, Oregon, called Oregon Canine University at Indigo Ranch (aka ).

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