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Step 4: Using a FAS-DPD test kit, measure the FC ppm (CC should be zero) of the dilution. Attached Spa with fountain, spillway, and 2 lion heads streaming into the pool. This would be a little more accurate when the sun goes down of course and wouldnt work if you have algae or other problems. I've seen several posts where members say that chlorine disappears as fast as they add it, have excessive loss, etc.

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I recently bought 1 jug of 10% Liquid Chlorine that was actually 4.5%. I now am very careful to check the date code before I purchase.

of chlorine) Fill a gallon milk jug or used liquid chlorine container with distilled water, making sure to fully rinse out the container several times (or buy a gallon of distilled water).

Now put 1 drop of the chlorine specimen into the gallon jug and shake/mix thoroughly.

(you can pop out the eyedropper from these bottles).

Fill the bottle to the brim with your specimen chlorine and put back the eyedropper top. stated will actually contain 300 drops and/or 2/3 oz.

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