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In particular the Effective Principles of Prevention were used to create an internal tool.

This tool helped reviewers assess the effectiveness of the curricula, materials or campaigns listed below.

Prevention work through the community can include teens, youth, young adults, educators, school staff and parents. Some of the school curricula also share activities for outside of school that engage boys and men.

This work can build healthy relationships and prevent dating violence. Both males and females can be victims of dating abuse (also called relationship abuse).

Schools can help them learn what healthy relationships look like.

School-based activities for abuse prevention can help build skills for healthy relationships and benefit a teen’s emotional development.

This will help make sure a well-rounded prevention program is used that meets the needs of a community.

They also may not have staff trained to educate or help students on this topic.In particular, Broward County engaged parents, youth, and community leaders in the Youth Anti-Violence Coalition.These diverse partnerships and experience in multiple areas of youth health and safety make Broward County poised to lead dating violence prevention in their communities through Dating Matters in Broward County contact: Stacey Lazos, M. Dating Matters Program Manager Florida Department of Health in Broward County780 SW 24th Street Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315work: 954.467.4700 ext.Teens who have been abused by a dating partner may have: Researchers ask students to find out how many of them are affected by dating violence.A study of 1,430 7th-grade students reveals that most are dating and many experience physical, psychological and electronic dating violence.

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