Dating a roadie

Just seeing her laugh and smile and have someone tell her she’s pretty is worth it, so I keep trying to tell that 10-year-old brat to shut up.Despite her shouting at me for years otherwise, I knew she would eventually start dating.

Then, I was coming home for Christmas and I had this vision of meeting my mom’s new boyfriend. I yelled into the cold air, complaining and whining to him. I imagined the puffs of condensation were him, telling me to get over myself in the nicest way possible. He hasn’t been there for a while, thanks to his diagnosis of terminal cancer when I was 26. Or more specifically, a 45-year-old roadie named Jimmy (Ron Eldard), who, after a 20-year stint with Blue Öyster Cult, finds himself canned and forced to head home to his mother's place in Forest Hills, Queens.From there, we witness his readjustment to real life as he ponders exactly what his next move will be.When my mom told me she had started dating a roadie for a country western band, my very first gut reaction was sheer giddiness.It’s strange to think of your parent as “cute,” but her cadence and almost-girlish tone was so dead-on to my single friends’ that I couldn’t stop smiling. He helped us decorate the tree, and glued together a broken ornament, and ate Christmas cookies and kissed my mom in front of me and she was super happy but somehow I was unable to see that as much anymore. I offered to go buy eggs on the one day a year where every single store is closed, and I drove to this park where my high school boyfriend and I sat and he gave me a mix CD and cried before I left for college.

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