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Congrats, you’re having, like, four kids (which are actually puppies because you both think kids are gross).At 25: The older you get, the more you realize which common interests actually matter, like how much you care about food and how much you like to go out.At 25: If you’re close with your parents, this is huge.Your mom has been doubling as a fuckboy alarm since 2007, so if all she says about your boyfriend is “he’s fine,” you’re already in panic mode. You’re haunted by the image of him waving good-bye across the hallway before he went to Hawaii with his family. At 25: Obvs you miss him, but you have the At 15: The first fight you have feels monumental and every fight you have after makes you worry in the back of your mind that it might be the last.You know that little disagreements handled well are basically merit badges for your relationship. From Club” in your contacts because you’re an ~adult~ and you can do whatever you want.At 15: The second-worst part of this (or worst part if you’re just "whatever" about the guy) is being in the same school and having a very high possibility of running into each other even if you’ve both recalculated your locker routes. At 25: Your absolute closest friends liking him matters a lot but that’s it.

You get tickets to a PG-13 movie you don’t care about and awkwardly transition from holding hands to full-on making out about 18 minutes in.

You were young, focused on making your way after college, meeting new and exciting people and building a career.

If you happened to meet a sexy-smart someone at a party, bar, or friend’s gathering, you delved right into the deep end of romance.

And oh yeah, your friends are sitting right next to you, because you needed them to trick your mom. You’re just hoping you’ve read enough Wikihow tutorials to confidently use tongue like this.

At 25: You know you’re a decent kisser, and it’s more about what ~this guy~ can do ~for you~ (especially because it might hint at how good he’ll be in other places)best?

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