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If you know these you’ll avoid being tripped up like most guys who visit Asia. The most important thing to consider in Asia is that girls need to feel like you really like them because they are generally insecure.

This is one of the biggest cultural differences between East and West – girls in the West care more about how much they like you because they don’t need to feel ‘secure’ in the same way Asian girls do.

At other times they’ll just claim that the girl is their girlfriend, even though it isn’t.

Having said that, guys in the West are also more ‘socially polite’ if they see a guy talking to a girl they know.

that other will think she is having sex or will have sex with you, and 2.

that she is committing more to the interaction than she may be comfortable with.

The social stigma attached to sex is much stronger in Asia.

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This mostly happens when the Asian guy knows the girl, although it sometimes happens if the guy met the girl that night and is trying to protect his new prospect.

In particular, there are seven key differences that stand out over and above the rest.

These differences apply to most of Asia, as well, so pay attention.

In the West, when you ‘neg’ a girl you are directly stating what your value is by showing willingness to break rapport.

Asians almost never break rapport, they merely become neutral, which has a lot to do with saving face for yourself and the other person involved.

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