Dating does and donts

You start to secretly count who said I love you more.Either way it doesn’t matter, you can’t keep track, it will drive you nuts.Also following people just because they have big followers numbers is a mistake and so is randomly following people just to build your numbers.The point of gaining new followers is to be able to connect, engage, and start to build a relationship with them with the end goal that they will share your stuff.If you see yourself doing many of the good, then keep going, the success will come. Show your appreciation, acknowledge what they did to help you and at the very least say Thank You, or kick them back a tweet once in awhile.

I still see good bloggers that write good content that still get no Tweets on their posts. To help you figure out which one you fall into, I thought I’d share a few things I see that are good and a few things I see that I think are bad. Each day the people that follow you have 100’s if not 1000’s of things and people they can choose to retweet to their followers, so when they choose to share you, make sure you let them know you SEE them.

So why would you put all that work into a follower that is not interested in ANYTHING you do and has followers who are NOT interested in anything you do? Just to be clear here, when I tell you to actively follow people it is NOT for you to build a large following, it is for you to get in front of target people each day.

Putting in the time and effort it takes to follow people JUST to get a lot of followers is a waste of time and is silly.

Some people like funny, some people want text, and some people will want a dramatic powerful image, so by changing things up you give yourself the best chance to get more attention and shares.

I have always been and still am a big promoter of people actively looking and following people that fit what they are doing online.

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