Dating dos and donts apartment manager

Pros Weidner is a company that encourages growth within the organization.

They are amazing at noticing your strengths and helping you build on them.

Team and personal recognition are something that regularly happens. My previous employer of 7 years treated on site as lesser employees, and were never included in company functions and holiday gatherings. Excellent insurance and vacation benefit, free trip last year as a bonus, leasing bonus, quarterly bonus. There is plenty of room for advancement and transfers to other locations if desired.

company that prides itself on promotion through quality work and excellent performance.

How can a company who has such a great owner and history seem to be circling the drain?? If the company doesn't acquire more properties, then there isn't any room for advancement.

If you really want to find out, disregard this review and see for yourself. Pay raises once a year, expect 2-3% or very minimal increase. The base corporation is amazing and would be recommended in any region other than Tulsa.

Good, hardworking employees will continue to leave unless leadership does more.

Favoritism, false or fake behaviors and actions and role playing are at minimum the biggest factors.I love the location of Corporate, some employees are wonderful to work with.Cons What this place lacks in professionalism they make up for with an equally dismal lack of support and care for their employees.There’s no other explanation for the WTF-inducing things that have continued to happen to me in living situations.In the past eight years, I've lived with 16 different people in five different apartments.

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