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He has a story -- heart-wrenching and all-too-common -- about the toll that heroin takes on a life. While we were waiting, I held her and said, ‘Don't leave us yet.’"It was her fourth overdose, Grubb went on. Multiple sources said the president discusses that meeting in West Virginia as a moment when a brighter light went on, a time when it dawned on him just how pervasive this epidemic has become.His second-oldest daughter was introduced to the drug in 2009 and has since been in rehab multiple times. 21, 2015, he had an audience when Obama hosted a community forum on opioid abuse in his hometown., standing amid a room full of fellow West Virginians, his voice cracking as he held back tears. "He said the stories were heartbreaking and that it was striking how many high-ranking officials there were whose own families had been affected," said one governor who has met with Obama on the opioid crisis."I felt like he needed to hear our voices," she said of her decision to attend the Obama town hall.Asked what she would have said to the president if she had been given the opportunity, she replied: "I would have thanked him for coming down here and would have hoped he would have heard our cries that we need treatment and help.

In January, Obama ad-libbed a reference to heroin right at the top of his State of the Union address.[The president] sort of was taken aback at how candid people were talking about this." , he ran into people affected by the crisis.And often, those people were elected officials, something Obama found surprising enough that he remarked about it multiple times privately, according to people he spoke to about the trip. "He sat by a lady who sat up on that stage and talked about losing her son and this is a lady who has done well in life. It is getting them whether you are Democrat or Republican, poor or rich, it makes no difference."Grubb is a Democrat."The four of us rode in the car and we talked about Zach, and they talked about Zach, because Zach was pretty notorious here.The last time he got bopped I was running for re-election, and that was 13 months ago.

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