Dating in rugby warwickshire

His mother left Rugby at this point and joined him in London.When she died he erected a memorial in St Clement Dane's church which said "A mother, whose piety is recorded in Heaven and requires no praise upon earth... Let my last end be like hers." Unfortunately this memorial was destroyed when the church was hit by a bomb in WWII.

He was born on 24th November 1806 in Salford near Manchester in the county of Lancashire.

At university Webb Ellis continued his sporting career with an innings of 12 in the 1827 Varsity cricket match.

After university, he entered the Church and became chaplain of St George's, Albemarle Street, London and then rector of St Clement Danes in The Strand.

He contends that the 1897 report by the Old Rugbeian Society that named Webb Ellis as the founder of rugby football was incorrect in its conclusion and that the origin of the sport has been misrepresented throughout written history.

Through thorough research and analysis, the origin of Rugby Union is instead placed with the boys of Rugby School in the late 18th century.

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