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The couscous that is sold in most Western supermarkets has been pre-steamed and dried.

It is typically prepared by adding 1.5 measures of boiling water or stock to each measure of couscous then leaving covered tightly for about five minutes.

The lid to the steamer has holes around its edge so steam can escape.

It is also possible to use a pot with a steamer insert.

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The remains of the first vessels (known) in the Tiaret region (Algeria) where cooking tools dating from the ninth century have been discovered, very strongly resemble the primary tool for cooking couscous Couscous was known to the Nasrid royalty in Granada as well.

In the traditional method of preparing couscous, groups of women came together to make large batches over several days, which were then dried in the sun and used for several months.

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This quotation contains what may be the earliest mention of couscous (kuskusu) in West Africa. Evidence is mounting that the process of couscous cookery, especially steaming grain over a broth in a special pot, might have originated before the tenth century in the area of West Africa where the medieval Sudanic kingdom thrived, today encompassing parts of the contemporary nations of Niger, Mali, Mauritania, Ghana, and Burkina Faso.

Even today in the region of Youkounkoun of Guinea and Senegal, a millet couscous with meat or peanut sauce is made, as well as a rice couscous.

Millet was also used for couscous by the Kel Ahaggar, a nomadic people of the desert of southern Algeria, who probably learned about it in the West African Sudan, where it has been known for centuries.

And in the 13th century a Syrian historian from Aleppo includes four references for couscous.

These early mentions show that couscous spread rapidly, but generally that couscous was common from Tripolitania to the west, while from Cyrenaica to the east the main cuisine was Egyptian, with couscous as an occasional dish.

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