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You’ll also find that we’ve all got at least one ghost of shady relationship past in our closet – I’ve practically got a little cemetery going on!

Instead of going into intricate detail about your exes (you shouldn’t be talking about them on the first 1-3 dates anyway as you have better things to talk about), the simple answer is “We wanted different things.” This is 100% true.

Next thing you know, you’re cautious about avoiding conflict, think you need to be riding them like a pony 24/7, and you’re in overdrive pandering to their every need.

We forget then that although these issues may have been real, it doesn’t mean that they’re the true reasons that broke the relationship or that if you’re the polar opposite that you’ll ‘win’ them.

I’m frequently asked how to deal with sharing past experiences or ‘revealing’ insecurities – the healthiest type of information sharing is the type that doesn’t have the quiet agenda of generating a specific emotion or action out of a person. Are you trying to draw empathy but actually getting it mixed up and still trying to draw sympathy?

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It’s very difficult to evaluate a relationship on its merits and know whether you’re dealing with a present or past insecurity or issue, when you’re carting your baggage from relationship to relationship. “Oh just some problems I need to make you aware of because I’d really like not to be hurt again so I’m going to tell you in the hope that if you were thinking about hurting me, you’ll change your mind” you reply.A number of readers have said they’re embarrassed about being married a few times or being with a few jackasses.If you talk like you’re ashamed, you’re setting yourself up to fail.I know I’ve been guilty of saying some stuff because it was like “OK they’re definitely going to turn into an asshole now that they know this”, as if I was trying to force the self-fulfilling prophecy.Also never allow yourself to be coerced into sharing or find yourself having to apologise repeatedly for something you did ages ago because both overstep your boundaries and they cannot control the uncontrollable.

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