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Acne Studios has just opened its first store in San Francisco, California.

The Stockholm-based fashion house has culled inspiration from the Golden Gate Bridge for the shop’s interior design, painting the pillars, door frames, as well as the ceiling in the one-mile structure’s most famous “International Orange” hue.

In season, there's a white truffle tasting menu that'll run ya 5, there's a regular three-courser that's much less costly (relatively speaking) at , but oh, the joy of the splurge for a seafood risotto and downright thrilling corn cappellacci that manage to channel the taste profile of corn more than biting into a cob.

Whatever the dish, passionate diners now approve of the bold spins on Italian going on here; who doesn’t like a bourbon-caramel semifreddo?

All the tourists on the Hyde St cable car are right to head to Seven Hills for the most iconic pasta dish in the city: the ravioli uovo.

Made with brown butter, ricotta, and a liquid farm egg yolk center that explodes dramatically when punctured, it’s basically the most heart attack-inducing Italian classic dish.

Grab a seat at the counter, overlooking the kitchen, or dine at a table and be sure to order some wine.

The Campania by way of Marina (and now Oakland and Tokyo!

) stalwart caused this city to transfer its Euro allegiances from France to Italy just over a decade ago.

And should we give major props for the all- by-the-bottle and all- by-the-glass wine list? Except the one you'll make between Quince and Cotogna, since there is a very, very big difference.

Maybe you’re getting a steal, maybe you’re getting screwed. All seems right in the world when digging into Manzoni’s rustic house-made pappardelle or a plate of oozing-with-cream burrata and salty-sharp prosciutto from Parma. The plum tomatoes and a jolt of garlic at Delfina add life to idyllic, al dente pasta.

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