Descrete date lnes chat lines

The first stage in telling someone you like them is impressing them as a dating potential.

[Read: 13 oh-so-awesome ways to impress the guy you like] Wait for reciprocation Whatever move you do, don’t be hasty.

A graph that does not make that replacement could just be dots, unconnected, but that seems to make at least a hint at donut consumption being located at a particular point.

So, we might render time as continuous and put a dot at the moment when a donut was consumed.

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Or should you just hold the thought and wait for a miracle?

It’ll save you from a painful rejection and the chance of ruining a friendship.

If you realize you like someone and want to date them, play it slow and don’t reveal your intention to date them until you find that this person is already interested in you too.

However, if the number of donuts is represented as a line graph the lines between the dots no meaning can be inferred from that line.

EDIT Here's another example: the Federal Hourly Minimum Wage Since Its Inception plot at I'm mistaken, the minimum wage changes are discrete, and hence it's not possible to look up some arbitrarily selected time and establish the minimum wage at the point using the line interconnecting the dots. The very phrasing of your question suggests a good answer: namely, that connecting points on a graph is not valid when it would cause the reader to make inaccurate (or altogether invalid) interpolations.

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