Discrimidating com

When costs need to be cut to increase profit margins, older workers are often the first to go.Zatuchni & Associates receives calls and inquiries from terminated older workers, inquiring as to whether they have a valid claim for age discrimination.

Obviously, a judge or jury would take little stock in the fact that you were replaced with someone just a few years your junior.

Meanwhile, the Social Security system is on shaky footing and many older workers’ retirement accounts have yet to fully recover from the financial crisis.

Workers paying record-high college tuition for their children or supporting their own elderly parents feel the squeeze even more acutely.

Even more helpful is if you can show that your employer engages in a pattern or practice of replacing older workers with younger ones.

Best-case scenario, this pattern or practice will be evident in your employer’s hiring records and produced as part of the evidence exchange in your claim.

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