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Amish may take a “wait and see” approach to see how a technology impacts another district. An Amish person may acquire a piece of forbidden technology, or openly flaunt church rules on dress or business activity.

An Amish person may also commit acts more universally recognized as sin, such as cheating or adultery.

One example would be rules outlining plain dress, which Amish base on several passages in Scripture.

Restrictions on color of clothing and style of buggy, which some may see as harnessing self-expression, in fact help prevent pride and envy, though individual dictates on these issues are not necessarily found in Scripture.

Upcoming posts will discuss “what” and “where,” as well as adding supplementary information in brackets and mixing and matching elements of example references.

How do you determine what to do with the date element of your reference list entry?

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Outsiders may see little sense in rules dictating everything from the cut of clothing one wears to the way one lights the home at night.“Upon repentance the relationship is restored and what is in the past stays in the past.” (Read more on Amish and shunning.)Just as society and technologies change, the in fact does change over time as well.The Ordnung of the typical district today appears different than it did 50 or 100 years ago.In addition, PL/SQL lets you define your own subtypes.This chapter covers the basic types used frequently in PL/SQL programs. This chapter discusses the following topics: type holds values, called lob locators, that specify the location of large objects (graphic images for example) stored out-of-line.

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