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Their love for this country is tangible; they echo each other with remarks on its beauty and the kindness of our people. Like when they are met with a 'stealing our jobs' attitude, or told, "Go back to your own country". We realised we wanted to be together, and we just decided that the only thing was for me to come here.But, for the majority, their experience here has been of warmth and welcome, one of falling in love with the place and the people. As Ania, who is Polish, muses, "Ireland is beautiful. I had English, as I used to spend summers in Canada. I arrived here close to Christmas, and everyone was so happy and I was with the one I love, so it was quite cool and romantic.She explains how her mother would have had to work for one month in Latvia to be able to afford a pair of school shoes.Laura's mother made the decision to pack up her family; she came here without a word of English, determined to seek a better life for them. She laughs when I say that I can hardly believe she could ever have struggled to communicate. "People think I'm Irish, and then, when they see the spelling of my last name it's like, 'What? All of these women are warm and funny and determined to work hard and make the best of being in Ireland.

After so many years, I definitely feel more at home here than I do in Lithuania. I don't even know how to deal with people in Lithuania; it's just very different. I remember saying, 'Listen, I rather people who are smiling than blue skies'.When time passed, I realised it's a bit rainy and it's a bit gloomy sometimes, but it's OK.It is home for now; I don't think it's home for ever. I go there quite often, maybe two or three times a year. I think it is because the culture differences are pretty big.I think that's good, and what other countries should look up to. I think it's pretty organised and nothing is too hard to figure out.It is easy to operate the city - that's another thing that I like about Dublin. I could not speak one word of English, I swear to god. ' Literally, all I could say was 'hello' and 'goodbye'.

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