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The fake love speech he gives Lelaina — when he takes her face in his hands and tells her he’s hopelessly in love with her only to callously pull away and accuse her of assuming that’s how he feels — is just about the cruelest use of words I’ve ever seen (and I’m including random Internet commenters in that).

I’m not saying that — spoiler alert, people — I think Winona should have picked Ben Stiller.Dashing men weren’t lining up to wine and dine me and teach me the ways of the ever-glamorous world I was joining.Instead, overgrown frat guys, who seemed roughly 2000% less fascinating now that I was no longer attending fraternity parties, were mildly interested in hanging out.Related: 7 Guys Who Won’t Make You Happy is about, ostensibly, four college graduates who are slowly realizing that the world — well, it bites.We see this world primarily through the eyes of Lelaina (Winona Ryder) — a pixie class valedictorian who has somewhat over-indulgent divorced parents and is best friends with the sardonic Vickie (Janeane Garofalo) and the embittered but sexy Troy (Ethan Hawke), who’s not-so-secretly in love with her while she’s slightly-more-secretly in love with him.

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