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An estimated 2.5 million puppies are bred for human consumption in South Korea each year, with many eaten in a spicy dish called bosintang.

But nation's younger generation is less accepting of the canine meat trade and animal rights groups are working to shut down farms. "Most people in South Korea have no idea how atrocious these dog meat farms are and what physical and mental misery these animals go through." She added: "I feel privileged to be able to show these dogs that humans can be kind not just cruel, and to make them feel safe and loved for the first time in their lives.

Me and friends (two local falconers were just here trying to jump the Ford) have tried over and over but it is plain dead.

But that means getting a ride to NAPA and back, which I hope I can manage by Monday.

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The winds were high last night it drew the flues so strong that the house actually wailed.“The basis of the suspension was the duration of confinement of sows in stalls, as alleged in the video footage.“However, our on-site inspection found that sows can enter and leave at will from the stalls, which is not clear in the video. The auditor was here for six hours and looked everywhere.” He said he had been targeted by vegan activists in the past, and added: “I think they just don’t understand how these free access stalls work. The sows are quite happy in there, and they are later moved into the big yard. It’s difficult to make this life worth living [as it is].” In 2012, an inquest found that Stephen Brown, an East Harling pig farmer, took his own life after the release of Animal Equality footage of pigs on his farm allegedly being kicked, and beaten with iron bars by employees.Eating dog is already a declining habit in South Korea, but if people could see the sorrow of these dogs and the disgusting unhygienic conditions in which they’re raised, I think even more people would stop eating it.” HSI has freed 1,222 dogs from 10 farms since it began campaigning in South Korea three years ago.It said activists worked closely with farmers to help them find alternative, humane livelihoods.

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