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Debates may exist over how cartoonish a fashion it is acceptable to portray the Nazis (do you make them as cartoonishly bad as possible, in an attempt to make them ridiculous and thus impossible to take seriously?

Or do you take them perfectly seriously, because anything else would be disrespectful to their millions of victims? In fact; start mocking their victims and you'd better be prepared for every civilized person in the western hemisphere to take offence.

(In reality, Anarchism has a wide political spectrum including hippie-type activists, pacifists, capitalists, communists and even primitivists.) Was particularly strong in the 1800s, mainly because anarchists went around assassinating world leaders (Leon Czolgosz killed William Mc Kinley, for example).

Neoconservatives The term refers to a specific subset of US conservative who believed in the aggressive use of unilateral military action to achieve American foreign-policy goals and "spread democracy"; as this led to the fiasco in Iraq, it is generally considered to be discredited.

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It's gonna be a Long List, because politics is one arena where (in a democratic society, at least) all groups not only have to compete against each other, but have to publicly compare themselves with each other.This doesn't mean that fascist partisans no longer exist (they do, and are even politically competitive in some countries); it does mean, though, that they usually must perform all kinds of rhetorical gymnastics in order to present themselves to the public.In a case of Reality Is Unrealistic, the most notable subversion (especially as time passes and people forget) is probably Fascist Spain, which maintained its openly, explicitly fascist and Axis-friendly government from the 1930s right up until Libertarians Generally portrayed as some or all of the following: paranoid wackos stockpiling guns and Krugerrands for the imminent collapse of society, regular conservatives who just want to smoke weed all day, crypto-racists and anti-Semites, "fuck yours, I got mine"-style sociopaths, and obese basement-dwelling armchair political theorists posting on Reddit.Love using words like "fact", "reality" and "truth" as it makes them sound like genius outcasts.Often, liberals will see them as an exaggerated version of their stereotypes of conservatives, and vice versa.

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