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This means that you can easily keep tabs on your entire DVR / NVR security system, along with any home monitoring cameras (such as the FLIR FX and the FLIR Secure HD Wi Fi Security Camera) without switching apps.Stream live security video and have easy access to your recordings, all from your compatible i OS or Android device.Download the CAM desktop application here: trouble shooting, bug reports and feedback, visit us at: You can select your custom fan curves, or switch to fixed fan speed mode. It's not possible to set the fixed fan speed % or the pump speed %.All color modes that use only one color can be set with the color wheel, but modes that use more than one color (tai chi for example) and performance and audio modes are stuck to mobile profile and not working with the color wheel.

This app requires CAM for Windows and a registered account.Each cameras has its own timeline, and timelines can be sorted by week, day, hour and even minute.You can even use timelines to generate Rapid Recap videos from specific periods of time. Know exactly when one of your cameras sense motion with mobile push notifications.CAM is a great Ai O monitoring solution, I have been nothing less than impressed with if functionality, and control over lighting, fan speeds, pump speeds, and more.I just wish the information from my PC was transferred to the app a bit quicker and more accurately.

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