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They should be able to write checks, balance their checkbook, and maintain the checkbook register.Next, they should have practice using an ATM card that only allows cash withdrawals and eventually a debit card.After a few payment cycles of seeing the principal balance go down very little or not at all, your teen will be more tempted to pay the entire balance each month or refrain from using the card for unnecessary expenses.They will learn a very valuable lesson from all of this.Because parents’ names are on credit cards, teenagers may have a tendency to not take full responsibility for their spending habits when using the cards since they are not under their name.Careless spending can lead to serious credit damage, so it’s important to monitor your teens spending habits very closely and make sure they are paying any balance in full each and every month.The only way to learn how to manage money is to actually have money to manage.

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Before handing a teenager a credit card, they should first have experience using a checking account of their own.Therefore, it is in both the parent and the teenager’s best interest to start using credit as soon as possible in a responsible way.Credit cards may offer cash back or discounts on gas and groceries.Assuming that a parent is willing to intervene and coach their teen when necessary, it can be a positive experience overall.If your teen or college student has gotten into debt or needs help learning how to budget and manage debt, Advantage CCS can help.

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