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To export from Delicious Library (version 2 or 3), use the option.

Select the shelf or library to export, select the “XML” output format, and click “Export…” to select the output file name and location.

Marking a film as ‘watched’ (using the ‘eye’ icon on the film’s poster, or from the Actions panel on its page) tells Letterboxd you’ve seen the film at some point in the past.

It’s the best way to back-fill films on the site, without having to recall exactly when you watched them.

Just like curated lists, you can set your watchlist to be visible to other users or private.

Logging a film (via the ‘Add a Film’ button) allows you to record that you watched a film on a particular date.You’ll receive an XML file which you can import via the edit page of an existing list, or when creating a new list.Netflix no longer provides an API to directly import your viewing history, but there are user scripts like this one that could be made to work with the CSV import facility described above.Simply go to the diary entry page from the Diary tab in your Films section, and find the option to Add a Review.Your review will show in your friends’ activity as soon as you save it (if this is the first time you’ve added it), even if they already saw activity when you first logged the film.

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