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The debate if one should masturbate or not has gone much beyond the biological perspective and has landed into the court of morality.Though if one chooses to masturbate or not is absolutely a personal matter but there are many, many benefits of masturbation.A leaked Mormon church document has revealed the church's teaching that self-pleasuring can make you homosexual.The handbook for church leaders, simply titled 'Homosexuality', was published in 1981 and leaked on Wednesday by the Las Vegas-based transparency group Mormon Leaks.'Early masturbation experiences introduce the individual to sexual thoughts which may become habit forming and reinforcing to homosexual interests,' the guidebook claims.The question is a refocused version of my earlier question on Christianity. That question also includes links to two academic papers (1, 2) that might be relevant if someone can get hold of them and understand the arguments they make. God and his people was regarded as a marriage bond. D.], in which an Ephesian official assures Rome that the annual autumn fertility festival is conducted ‘with much chastity and due observance of established customs’. stands up well against activities associated with celebration of a modern Mardi Gras.) Rv 19:2. Are you asking if premarital sex is included in the range of intended meanings? It sounds like your asking the latter, but I would guess that you mean to ask the [email protected] - A.) I am really very interested in this question, and have quite a bit of research in this direction; B.) So if it is okay - I would like to suggest an edit that might solicit a more thorough answer... What is the Basis in Scripture or Literary Greek to Associate πορνεία (porneia) with Pre-Marital Sex? ③ immorality of a transcendent nature, fornication, in imagery, of polytheistic cult in the mystic city Babylon, which appears in Rv as a prostitute with an international clientele. This usage was more easily understandable because some Semitic and Graeco-Roman cults were at times connected w. Hos ; Jer 3:2, 9; 4 Km ; on the positive side, for concern about propriety on the part of some cults s. Masturbating women can orgasm easily during intercourse Many believe that if women masturbate, they will have trouble reaching orgasm in real life. Again, it sounds like a myth that was created to keep women off masturbating as masturbating is considered more profane for women than it is for men. There are many who would tag such people as addicts but they are not.

The guidebook maintains that homosexual behavior is learned, and suggests that dysfunctional family relationships and early exposure to homosexual experiences, as well as self-masturbation, can affect the development of same-sex feelings.

The document, published as a guide for local church leaders to use when working with homosexual church members, advises a rigorous nine-step approach to 'overcome the problem of masturbation'.

Its advice includes avoiding being alone, reading 'good books, scriptures, Church books', and a daily physical fitness regimen.

A spokesman for Mormon Leaks claimed that the Mormon church had never retracted the guidebook, although current church teaching on homosexuality is somewhat more tolerant.

Current church teaching on homosexuality holds that same-sex attraction is not a sin, but that physical homosexual acts are sinful.'Sexual purity is an essential part of God’s plan for our happiness,' reads the LDS Church website.

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