How to handle intimidating

Here are ten Microsoft Word features that make your work easier. The visual clutter of Microsoft Word gave rise to a legion of distraction free editors and undisturbed peace. Many of those greenbacks helped create the hidden productive features that we rarely use. Let me test you a bit more by asking about “widow lines”. If you didn’t, then welcome to this side of the line where we think we are proficient on Microsoft Word – but honestly aren’t.

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Whenever you create or even edit a document, some user information gets added to the file automatically. But billions of Redmond dollars went into making this the office Swiss knife it is today. You are fine as long as you fire up a document and just type.Outlining your main ideas and completing that first draft quickly is the surefire tip for writing productivity Views on the Ribbon.Outline View helps you fine-tune the organization of complex documents by reordering text blocks and nine levels of headings. You don’t need to bother with positioning a cursor if you don’t want to.

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