Husband chats about sex

Wednesday, the majority of respondents said one may stray without ever making physical contact.

About 47% of readers said unfaithfulness can begin when people are sending e-mails and texts without their partner's knowledge." "When the relationship has to be kept secret from your partner it is wrong.

My own husband went this way and believe me, he created that desire in his head first, nursed it and went through with it. It's a choice, a choice of putting your own desires and lusts ahead of everything else and that starts with the consideration of doing so first.

Cheating start with a wife pretending sex ins't important. This said, not always lack of good sex at home is a wife's issue, but that's where things start going wrong.

Two weeks later, I figured it out the hard way, though I had suspected what had happened before that. I'm still with my wife, because of my 5 y/o daughter. Some women don't care if their husbands go out and get massages with happy endings, believe it or not.

There is no absolute line that applies to all relationships. One easy general rule: if you don't want to tell your spouse about it, you've gone too far.

Indeed, other forms of touch like kissing (13%) and hugging (less than 1%) were picked even less often. We also heard from a few readers about fantasizing, which garnered the most comments but only 8% of the survey votes.

In her drunkenness, my wife let a guy pick her up and came home at am with the guy's stuff inside of her. When trust goes, the relationship is seriously damaged. I think it is largely dependent on the point of view of the two people in the relationship.Is it fantasizing, flirting, communicating online, hugging, kissing or having sex?We received more than 2,000 answers to our unscientific poll, and as of p.m.But an especially popular theme that keeps coming up is fidelity and faithfulness, to which some readers say they can relate all too well.So we posted a survey on Facebook asking readers where that line of unfaithfulness begins.

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