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But keep in mind that even though are aware of this shift because you’re so closely involved in it, most people have no clue about this.

To them, vegans are still skinny and weak, by necessity.

But when the time was finally right, there was no question about it. Giving up the cheese isn’t nearly as hard as it seems. Life without cheese takes some adjustment, especially if you rely on it as an essential part of the few vegetarian dishes you can order in “normal” restaurants.

Two and a half years later, now that this once extreme lifestyle now feels familiar, I have just enough perspective to wish I could go back and give my pre-vegan self (or someone else in my shoes) a few pointers. Laugh them off, or take the opportunity to explain how important your diet choices are to you. I thought I’d miss cheese as an appetizer, with a glass of wine or a beer.

And yet, even with such a relaxed attitude and an avoidance of anything that could be considered pushy, I’d estimate that after we went vegan, we started eating dinners with family and friends about half as much as before, maybe even less.Going vegan led me to learn more about food, to the point that I’m scared to be hyper-selective and skeptical about what I buy. Believe it or not, this has been the toughest part for me — I lost a lot of my interest in cooking when I cut meat and then dairy out of my diet.I’m sure you’ve heard the adage by now: “Pay for it now, or pay for it later.” The money we spend on the healthiest food possible is an investment in our future health that will pay off down the road. (I realize I’m in the minority when I say this; most vegan chefs I’ve talked to didn’t discover their passion for food they went vegan.) Here’s what happened: First, vegan food took a little more work to prepare.And yet, I now spend one and a half times or twice as much as I used to on groceries. Because being vegan has led me down the ultra-health-foodie road.I shop at farmers markets and co-ops and Whole Foods more than I ever did before I was vegan, and I pay extra for organic.

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