Is paxil sedating or activating

I often use the analogy of adding steering and brake fluid to an automobile.

All the parts may be there, but adding the fluids, if they are low, makes stopping, starting and staying on the right road much easier than if the levels are critically low.

The primary symptoms are high levels of overactivity, difficulty sustaining attention, difficulty completing tasks such as homework, and disorganization.

These must rise to the level in which they are problematic relative to age peers and result in difficulties in functioning. Since there are no symptoms of ADHD that are unique to ADHD and the main question is “Are the problems unusual for age and ability?

Though a slow-release stimulant (Ritalin SR) had been around for some time, it was reported to be somewhat unpredictable in terms of duration, and did not become as popular as the newer slow-release stimulant preparations.

Some of these newer medications are quite sophisticated in terms of their release mechanisms.

Medications will not make a child a perfect child, make them do anything they don’t want to do, or allow them to accomplish things they do not have the abilities to do.

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It states that medication should be part of a more comprehensive approach and treatment plan that usually includes By far the most frequently prescribed medications for ADHD in children are the psychostimulant medications. Stimulant medications were first administered to children with behavior and learning problems in the late 1930's.

It is structurally dissimilar to the amphetamines and methylphenidate stimulants discussed below.

It often did not produce a therapeutic effect for 3-4 weeks.

Some can allow for an immediate dose, and a second release in 3-4 hours.

An older medication, Cylert (magnesium pemoline) was available since around 1975 as a frequent alternative stimulant medication to shorter-acting medication and was often used in ADHD children who developed tics with other stimulants.

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