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The pairings also enabled the show to crossover into WWE's Raw and Smack Down programs.As the length of each season differed, features of the competition occur at different times accordingly.Norah Jones is the daughter of Ravi Shankar, Randy Bachman's (BTO) son Tal is also a musician. Bebel Gilberto is the daughter of Astrud Gilberto of 'Girl From Ipanema' fame. And this one blew me away-LMFAO's Red Foo is the son of Motown mogul Berry Gordy. "The Cohen/Wainwright clan is particularly intriguing." Indeed.

According to imdb: "While married to Mandy Smith, his son, Stephen, was engaged to Mandy's mother" So his son would have been his father in-law, while Bill's son would have been his own grandfather.The Cohen/Wainwright/ROCHE dynasty is more intriguing than just what is listed here.The article mentions that Viva Katherine Wainwright Cohen (the daughter of Loudon Wainwright’s son Rufus and Leonard Cohen's daughter Lorca) is named for Rufus' mother Katherine, but it does not mention that Katherine Wainwright (Louden Wainwright's ex-wife), is an award-winning musician and half of the Canadian singer-songwriter sister duo Kate and Anna Mc Garrigle.NXT was formed in 2010 when they paired up wrestlers from WWE's developmental territory Florida Championship Wrestling (dubbed "Rookies") with wrestlers from WWE's existing Raw and Smack Down brands (dubbed "Pros").Each episode featured the rookies being mentored by the pros as they develop their characters and performance skills in front of a live audience.

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