Journal articles on teen dating violence

Spotlight Spotlight 2017 tells the stories of local companies and organizations from a variety of fields, from finance to global trade to public affairs.

Read about them in Spotlight and find out how they can help you.

Meeting & Events Our annual Meeting & Event Planning Guide explores the trend toward glitzy, expensive presentations at corporate meetings.

The publication also features a Q&A with a wedding planner and surveys the steakhouse scene downtown.

Paying the relatives of high school basketball players to entice them to attend a particular university may be a violation of NCAA rules, but it isn’t a federal crime, say three men charged in a college bribery scandal.

And, in Marion County, cases involving drugs went from about 20 percent of foster children in 2010 to 50 percent five years later.

Indianapolis officials say they'll continue boosting the size of the city's police force and expanding support for neighborhood anti-crime efforts in response to a seven-year trend of increasing homicides.

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