Jr martinez dating beth ehlers

Despite the early plot holes and Engen's noticeably unsure approach to the character initially, the actor's unconventional sex appeal; organic, subtle acting choices; surprisingly-popular pairing with Heather (Vail Bloom); and his momentary ascension to power at the Tower of Newman, and later his deal with the Devil himself—Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman)—after Victor banished him, helped make Victor Jr./Adam one of the most fascinating character studies of 2008. 6: Mark Lawson - Brody showed up in Llanview on Gigi's (Farah Fath) heels, and from day one the Ryan Phillipe look-a-like gave the ladies plenty to stare at.Mark Lawson's character came onboard with a carefully-crafted , character-driven storyline, playing fake daddy to Gigi's son Shane, as his ex-girlfriend hid the boy's true paternity from the real love of her life Rex (John Paul Lavoisier). After many operations and recovery, Brot returns to find his fiancee grieving because she doesn't know he is alive. Taylor Thompson (Beth Ehlers,) but, due to the extent of his injuries, Brot decided to allow Taylor to believe he was dead.Hagner however, quickly proved she was no Maddie-bot, by adding poignance and realism to the storyline that saw Carly and Jack's son Parker (Mick Hazen) experiencing first sexual experience—before his college age stepcousin Luke (Van Hansis) no less.

Let's hope in 2009, TPTB get over their desire to cash in on the popularity Beth Ehlers and Ricky Paull Goldin achieved on Shawn Douglas from Colin O' Donnell has there been such a perfect SORAS'ing match as Kevin Schmidt's take on Y&R's new Noah Newman.

Few newcomers are capable of jumping into scenes with veterans like Menighan Hensley and hold their own, Magnussen did just that and more.

The breakout young actor matched Menighan-Hensley scene-for-scene, helping to create one of the hottest storylines in daytime this past year.

Liberty (Meredith Hagner) blew into Oakdale as the unknown daughter of Brad Snyder (Austin Peck).

She was quickly compared to fan favorite Maddie Coleman (Alexadra Chando).

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