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So began the killings that would claim a total of seven lives and terrorize the Region's residents, eventually resulting in the arrest and conviction of Christopher Dwayne Peterson, the so-called “shotgun killer.”Harchan Dhaliwal, 54, of Gary, was shot and killed Dec. That same day, Ora Lee Wildermuth, 54, was killed at an ATM machine in Gary's Miller neighborhood and Robert Kotso, a 49-year-old Indiana Toll Road attendant, was shot and wounded at a toll plaza on Calumet Avenue.Eli Balovski, 60, and George Balovski, 66, immigrant brothers from Macedonia, were murdered a week before Christmas at their tailor shop in Gary's Glen Park neighborhood.

A half-mile north from the Legion hall, a woman dropped off a package at a home in Griffith when she heard the crunch of dry leaves. The shot missed, she screamed and the shooter fled.

With Brown, from left, are Deputy Sheriff Eli Uzelac, Chief Deputy Sandor Singer and Deputy Nick Garapich. Route 6 in New Chicago.“I tried to kiss her and she resisted,” Brown, 25, told police in his confession. I choked her until she didn't moved.”Brown said he put the woman's body in a depression at the airport, covered it with rocks and cement, and returned later to toss tin cans on the grave.

George Robert Brown — the Gary steel worker dubbed the “Dunes Slayer” — died a quiet death in state prison almost 40 years after he confessed to strangling two women near the old Triangle Airport in New Chicago. Brown confessed two days later to a second slaying.

A 16-year-old girl arrived at her family's home in St. She parked in the garage and got out of her car to see a man with a shotgun standing behind her.

He ordered her to be quiet, she screamed, and a shotgun shell blasted through the back of the garage, narrowly missing the girl.

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