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am Show opening bits and songs included: ''Ronnie Mund Reads The Classics: A Tale of Two Cities'' bit, a song parody about Mariann from Brooklyn, a Baba Booey song parody, Mick the Nerd introducing AC/DC's ''Highway to Hell.'' Bon Jovi performing ''You Give Love a Bad Name'' in the Howard Stern Show studio, a Sal Governale apology clip for comments he made on the Wrap Up Show, Fred the Elephant Boy announcing they have Denis Leary coming in today. They want to see you have a job and you're nice to them. He said this woman kept putting her big arm around her husband. Howard said he was sitting there and this thick arm is there with the watch glowing in his face. Howard said no one was singing along with him at this show. Robin said she was at a show and she was thinking about Howard. Howard said he would take away Gary's tickets if he were Bruce's people. Howard said he doesn't want to do that kind of stuff anymore. Howard said he has Shuli asking High Pitch Erik what he's going to do when Elephant Boy shows up. Big Foot said he spends like 150 bucks a month on weed. Howard played their song ''Figure it Out'' and said that's just two guys doing that. Howard said 25 years ago this year Underdog was on the channel 9 show. He said in this clip she tells Shuli about her haunted house party. Howard said Tan Mom starts off in reality but then she goes off on things that don't make sense. Shuli said it's like she's in a race where she runs straight and then just veers off to the right. Howard replayed the clip of Tan Mom talking about what's in the house. Howard played a clip of her talking about how she would rather be with Howard over Sal. Howard said she gets angry about Sal bolting on her.

Howard said today is Monday and they have a lot to get to. He said that he just wanted her to put her thick arm down. Robin said they asked everyone to turn off their phones and when the music starts the woman's phone rings. Howard took a call from a guy who asked if he watched his appearance on Jimmy. Howard took a call from a guy who said he was there at Kimmel. He said he'll stay cordial with him if he does the same. He said they laughed at Jeff the Drunk falling down. Erik made a joke about his nose running like a Puerto Rican. Howard said Eli Braden wrote a song parody about his eyes on Kimmel. Howard had another clip of Big Foot talking about how much money he got that day. Howard said they have their new video up on Howard Howard said he got a lot of mail about Michael Rapaport and Kid Rock too. she said she called in to say that there's a reunion at her high school and she asked if Robin would come. Robin told her to leave her number in the back and she'll get back to her. Robin said she was saying there's a reunion this weekend and she's not sure she'll be able to swing that this weekend. Robin said she loved Annette so it's so great to hear from her children. am Howard said he was moved by Shuli calling Underdog. She asked when he might take interest in her again. Howard said Sal is into her and that's even crazier to him than she is. Howard said they should do the rest of the show talking about Gary's food. He said he'll go back like 20 times cutting pieces off.

I am eager to pass along a few of the nuggets of wisdom that I have received throughout my 40-year career." But is also expected to hire two superstar singers to replace exiting judges Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger. ABC has tried to get into the music competition space in the past with shows like last year's is so fresh because its mentoring is active and participatory," Nettles says.

Adds Thicke, "The format is unlike anything that's out there right now and the opportunity to work with such talent, both the other artists and contestants, is definitely going to make for an exciting competition." comes from executive producer Robert Deaton, who also produces the Country Music Association awards for ABC through his Keep Calm and Carry On Productions.

He continued: "For me, I'm the underdog of the group.

Howard started the show with a George Takei announce for Cocktober. He said his family stayed out of his dressing room too. Howard said he was bothered by that because one was wearing a digital watch that glowed in the dark. She said a couple started talking when the lights went down. Robin said she turns her phone off and then the husband's phone starts ringing. Howard said he's convinced he'll break the rule about no phones. Howard took another call from a guy who said it was very uncomfortable seeing him up on stage with Kimmel. In that clip Erik said he's going to stay away from Elephant Boy. Howard said Erik is the size of a whale and he's laughing at that. He said he has 0 left and he'll probably spend that on food. Howard said that got him thinking and he called Big Foot to find out if he'd give him money if he asked. Howard asked Fred if he thinks he would lend him money. Howard played a clip of his call to Big Foot where he told him he has scabies and he needs some money to pay for the doctor. Howard asked if he'd cut back on that and send him half of that money. Howard asked if he could skip one hooker and send him that money. Howard said they were here in 2015 and performed that song. Howard said that he thinks Shuli got her pumped up. Howard played that and Tan Mom was talking about the stuff she'll be doing at the party and how she has machines everywhere in the house. They talked about how it sounds like her brain is running low on battery. Howard said Tan Mom asked Shuli about Sal and his wife and if they're still married. She said she was up there and Sal bolted and didn't even talk to her. Howard said he's all wrapped up in his wife and kids so she's mad at him. He said they're just going to throw the muffins out so he goes in and eats them. Howard said if Denis Leary comes back looking for his muffin it's going to be gone. Ronnie said sometimes Gary will go right in after they leave and grab something.

Series Finale: Episode 9 Special performances during this episode include Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Nettles singing “Would I Lie To You?

”, John Legend and Bridget Carrington singing “Gimme Shelter”, Robin Thicke and Olivia Chisholm singing “Fever”, and J Rome Wayne singing “Signed, Sealed & Delivered.” Jason Farol finished third and John Glosson finished in second place.

Single since 2006, the first-ever American Idol winner, 29, revealed to a Toronto radio station March 6 that she’s been off the market since late last year. “Before Brandon, Kelly had a really tough time with love,” an insider says of the Grammy winner, who split from singer Graham Colton six years ago. Check out the trailer for the show: The concept is pretty neat, right?

Sources tell the new issue of Us Weekly (on stands Friday) the lucky guy is 35-year-old Nashville-based talent manager Brandon Blackstock, the son of Clarkson’s own manager, Narvel Blackstock (and stepson of Reba Mc Entire). In other Kelly news, girlfriend’s been chosen as a judge for the upcoming talent reality show, ‘Duets’, which will star three other celebrity judges like Lionel Richie, Robin Thicke, and Jennifer Nettles, of Sugarland fame.

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