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Already, Trump has broken with this practice by going around existing nomination processes and selection panels in Democratic-leaning states.

“This administration, unlike the Bush administration, is not consulting with home state senators,” said the Leadership Conference’s Lucius.

Federal employees can designate their CFC workplace gift to take a stand for justice.

Make the ABA Fund for Justice and Education your charity of choice to support legal services needed by our most vulnerable populations across the country.

When Donald Trump took office, he inherited more than 100 federal judicial vacancies.

It was a nearly unprecedented number, roughly twice the number that President Barack Obama inherited in 2009.

While Trump’s legislative efforts can be repealed and his executive orders undone, federal judges are rarely removed from the bench.

(“It would be particularly inappropriate, in our view, to grant a preferential…treatment to a group such as the ABA,” Alberto R.

Gonzales, then White House Counsel, wrote in a 2001 letter.) Though the practice was reinstated under Obama, in March of 2017 White House Counsel Don Mc Gahn sent a letter to the Bar Association, turning it away in terms similar to Gonzales’.

“We’re going to have great judges, conservative, all picked by the Federalist Society,” Trump promised during a June 2016 interview on Breitbart News radio.

According to data compiled by American Bridge in September, Trump has proved true to his word.

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