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As a result, Dill threw his support behind a Republican measure to return the “tip credit” rule.

After passing through the Senate on June 7, the bill was brought before the House on June 13, where it passed with a vote of 110-37.

If the law were strictly applied, then sexual activity would be illegal, unless the people involved were married to each other.

Changing an infant's diapers could become a criminal act.2000-MAR-16: Partial ban on naturism in Iowa: A posting to a mailing list mentioned that since 1997, Iowa has had a law on the books which prohibits nudity in any location which has a sales tax license.

And lots of Maine’s restaurant workers were thrilled.

The minimum wage for tipped workers in Maine is half that of the state’s regular minimum wage ().

If tips and wages, together, don't equal the state's minimum wage, employers are required to make up the difference.Maine Governor Paul Le Page signed the bill into law last week.It will go into effect 90 days after Legislature adjourned, reports the Bangor Daily News.“We do not believe what we see in Maine is representative of the majority of workers,” Palmer told the Post. “There’s no other industry that gets away with not paying their workers because customers can,” he later added.

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