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Can Gladsten stick around in Moonlight Falls or will he be run out of town by an angry mob of ex-girlfriends?

The Nix family may be the most normal family in Moonlight Fallswhich makes them one of the most unusual families in Moonlight Falls!

On the outside, the Durwoods would make others jealous with their nice house, two adorable children, and a father with a great job.

Chauncey Grimm is a single guy with a passion for storytellingespecially tales of the supernatural.Led by their sprightly matriarch, Flora, the mischievous Goodfellows have engineered several encounters with humans, from simple pranks to elaborate social experiments!Their crowning achievement is an adoption mix-up resulting in Linda Rodgers newly adopted baby being a fairy with the Goodfellows taking possession of the human baby instead.While he cant prove it, he believes he must be a descendant of the famous Grimm brothers, the writers of many classic fairy tales.Chauncey has come to Moonlight Falls to carry on his family legacy.

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