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In the second version this year ( released in February 2014, this feature is mentioned and can now be turned off.Apparently, Messenger Plus is still being supported as noted above despite the fact that Yuna software's website gives the impression that this software is no longer under active development due to the following factors: As noted above, the forums are no longer accessible to the public.

There is currently no information available on the Yuna website that mentions the plans to handle the Desktop API being discontinued by Skype at some point in the future.

Both agreements have also been translated in several languages. To coincide with the newly branded Windows Live Messenger, in 2006 new versions of Messenger Plus! Since 2011 versions 5.0 and later are called Messenger Plus! This version supports Windows Live Messenger 8.0 up to 14.0 (2009). which included the ability to stream movies and overlay images in video conversations viewable on all Skype-enabled devices including mobile phones and tablets. about discontinuing its Windows Live Messenger service and integrated custom sounds from the united Messenger Plus!

A separate adware uninstallation program was provided by Circle Development Ltd. versions 4.84 and later no longer contain the sponsor program from Circle Development Ltd. This adware adds video and audio recording capabilities to Skype conversations and lets users send flash animations to other users. for Windows Live Messenger/Skype sound archive, and also introduced a new default design for the add-on. for Skype is an application for Skype that adds video and audio recording capabilities for Skype.

In June 2009, Microsoft reported the service attracted over 330 million active users each month, placing Messenger among the most widely used instant messaging clients in the world.

Following the acquisition of Skype Technologies in May 2011, Microsoft added interoperability between Skype and Microsoft accounts, allowing Skype (which had features unique to its platform and a wider user base) to communicate with Messenger contacts.

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