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's Bella Swan, the rather clumsy girl who fell in love with a vampire named Edward Cullen who she ended up marrying and having a half-vampire, half-human baby with before she herself turned into a vampire.Yes, Forks, Washington was an interesting place in the fictional world author Stephenie Meyer created in her bestselling books that turned into one of the biggest blockbuster film series.So what does she really think about her major role she's had in the series?Well, Kristen caught up with hit theaters, and she admitted she feels nothing but lucky she got to be Bella Swan.As you most likely know, Kristen famously dated her co-star Robert Pattinson and while these two didn't last forever together like their fictional selves, there are plenty of members of the cast who have stayed good friends.And there was even a recent a mini Vampire sisters forever.Did you spot Kristen in the pic Taylor posted on Instagram?Yep, that's her in the back, in-between Taylor and Stella with the poncho on her face. While Kristen, Taylor, Robert and all of the cast has cleared moved on to different roles, it's nice to see that overall, they look back fondly on their time being parts of the franchise.

With her swept back cropped hair and dark eyeliner, Kristen was definitely on the dark side. We love a cold shoulder style and this one comes in a slinky bodycon midi with additional cut outs at the waist and hips for extra sexiness.

I had my beloved guitar and the agent at check-in did not want me to carry it on the planet, but for me it was really important,' the 26-year-old actor said.

Kristen Stewart was one of many stars to attend the Elle Women in Hollywood shindig in Los Angeles last night.

It's by Roberto Cavalli and the good news is it's available to buy now.

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