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Then, enter “ipconfig /flushdns” followed by pressing the “enter” key.Unlike Mac OS X, Windows will then display a message stating that “DNS Resolving Cache has been flushed.” Note that in some versions of windows, you will need to be logged in as an “Administrator” to perform this task.Trusted servers include:,,,,,,, and ax.phobos.Other ports that are considered “well known” that may need to be opened for proper i Tunes use include: 3689, 5297, 5298, 5353, 8000-8999, and 42000-42999.Step 3 – If your computer or portable device is able to browse to websites (and i Tunes is up-to-date), then the issue with the i Tunes Network Connection timing out is likely due to an antivirus or computer firewall conflict on the computer.In order for i Tunes to contact the Apple server it has to be able to use port 80 and port 443 which should be enabled on computer firewalls.As a result, if you flush the DNS (on both Windows and Mac OS X), it can help solve the error.Step 9 – On Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6 or later, launch the “Terminal” application from the “Utilities” folder on your computer.

If the alternative website loads in the device or computer’s web browser then the Internet connectivity cause can be eliminated as a reason for the error.Step 10 – In Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 the DNS cache can be flushed in a similar manner.First, launch the DOS prompt by selecting the “Start” menu button and entering “cmd” in the search text field.Then, enter “dscacheutil –flushcache” at the command prompt followed by the “Return” key.You will not necessarily see any response on the terminal. In Mac OS 10.4 Tiger, the command is slightly different, lookupd –flushcache, but has the same effect.

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